Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Family Has Grown...

...by a hare! We have welcomed our new rabbit, Roger, who will forever be known as "Bunny" because he's so cute and sweet. Bunny was my son's 12th birthday present -- and one of the best gifts he's ever received. This is one happy kid!

Our previous bunny, Tony Hawk, was a small spitfire. He was a busy, busy bunny who lived to chew up my back yard, scratch and bite us, and elude his cage as much as possible. Bunny is just the opposite. He's a cuddler, and LOVES his harness/leash which enables him to go out front on the greenbelt and just enjoy a nice patch of shady grass.

The kids in the neighborhood love Bunny. He's getting so much petting that he'll probably develop bald spots! Fortunately he's good-natured and doesn't mind being handled.

Best part... my son has barely sat down in front of the computer since Bunny joined the family. Maybe I should get a rabbit for my other son!