Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fresh Peas!

We were able to harvest our peas today -- they are AMAZING! They're so fresh that we can eat the pod, too. The "fresh" peas you get in the grocery store are all dried out. They're easier to open, but the pod is good for little more than composting.

Tonight I prepared a London Broil with roasted onions and served fresh raw peas and pods on the side. My husband likes to eat the pods whole, like snap peas. I like to eat the fresh peas on their own, but I did eat a few pods as well. So juicy and fresh.

It makes any effort expended on gardening well worth it. And any money I've spent has come back ten-fold just in the freshness and beauty of the harvest. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I wish we had more land! Years ago we participated in a co-op garden with some other families, but it was in a city where we don't live. When the renter of the space moved, the rest of us were out of luck.

I think that will be my new goal -- to find some available land and grow what I can.

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