Monday, July 13, 2009

Mexican Lasagna for Dinner!

While gathering the ingredients for enchiladas tonight, I realized that A. "Someone" had forgotten to close the tortillas up tight against the invasion of air, and B. There weren't enough tortillas for a meal, anyway.

What to do with too few kind of crispy tortillas? "Mexican Lasagna"! It may go by other names (including "layered enchiladas"), but basically you make your enchiladas in a big flat lasagna pan and layer the ingredients using tortillas instead of noodles. It works great, although the portions are pretty sloppy looking.

Using what I had, I mixed a large can of kidney beans (drained and well-rinsed), half a chopped onion, and quart-sized bag of frozen chopped turkey pieces together. I layered the tortillas in the pan, spread on the meat/bean mixture, poured half a can of enchilada sauce over it, then sprinkled with cheese. The next layer became tortillas again with the sauce and cheese (I used a big pan, so I didn't layer up the way "real" lasagna would look).

It's in the oven now, baking for about an hour at 350. I've got three boys outside right now who've been swimming, running around and playing this afternoon, and a hearty dinner like this is well worth the heat the oven will produce on this warm summer day.

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