Monday, July 6, 2009

Click to Help

There are lots of charity sites on the internet that give you the option to help out those in need from the comfort of your own computer desk. My favorite, the site I've been giving to for over twelve years, is

Years ago, my husband's direct mail firm was given the opportunity to let people know about The Hunger Site through a snail mail campaign. We were intrigued at the notion that one could just click a button every day and provide food for under privileged people. We visited the site a few times, and a habit was born.

Advertisers pay a certain amount for every person who clicks through the site. While the advertisers are obvious, they are not obtrusive, which I appreciate. The shopping is pretty good, too, it goes toward helping others.

Over the years the site has grown to include easy click-to-help links to breast cancer, literacy, saving the rainforest, animal rescue, and child health. All are worthy causes and are easy to click on.

I have the link to The Hunger Site noted in my toolbar, where I can't miss it. I try to click on it every day. My click today equaled 1.1 cups of food. I encourage you to visit, click, and start feeding people, too. And while you're at it, click on the other tabs. It's very, very easy.

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