Monday, June 29, 2009

Got Milk?

Okay, new tomato plant theory in the paper yesterday. The subject was yellowing leaves and underproduction, which is something some of my plants are struggling with. The answer was to feed the plants calcium. The columnist recommended using eggshells; just grind them up, sprinkle around the base of the plant, then water well.

I didn't have any eggshells yesterday, so I took a pint of milk, added water, and gave my tomato plants a good swig each. Today I baked cookies and made stir-fried rice, so I had about four jumbo-sized eggshells. I blended them in the blender (on "grind"), added water, then watered the plants with my concoction. I will be very interested to see what comes of this little experiment. I know for a fact that my snail population will lower dramatically; they hate crawling over eggshells.

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