Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Going Crazy!

It's the end of the home-schooling year (we are traditional schoolers). That means organizing grades, end-of-year events, and just the general happy malaise that comes with the end of a term.

At the same time, my hairclip business is booming, which keeps me really, really busy. Yes, the irony of selling a gilded, beaded hairclip while encouraging my compost pile has not escaped me :o) However, I have never claimed to be an earth girl; I LOVE my bling! (And make-up)

So... to bring you up to date: the peas are completely out and the beans are in. They shot up within days of planting the seeds, which was very encouraging. The cucumbers are all doing well, too. I've taken pictures of some of the more interesting items in the garden, but have misplaced my camera, darn it.

My big experiment, "Containers Vs. Ground" has really been eye-opening for me. Once I find my camera, I'll post some pictures and show you the excitement and drama that has been occuring in my little patch of heaven!


  1. Crazy is normal, right? :0)

    I'm delighted your hair clips are selling well. I'll bet your swap meet times are fun.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing the photos of your containers and ground plants. We've had a few of those experiments this year, too. I wonder if you got the same results we did.

    By the way...I'm glad you are back in blogging mode! I missed you (and I was seriously overwhelmed with end of homeschooling here, too, so I was lax in reading my fav blogs.)

  2. Debbie, I'd think about blogging, and then it would seem like "one more thing to do". I'm glad it's fun for me again :o)