Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All the peas are gone... and the skies are gray...

Blank spots don't stay empty for long in my garden. Now that the peas are completely finished, it's time to put in the beans. The ground is warmer, which is good for pole beans.

The stakes and twine I used for the peas ended up being kind of messy and undesirable. For the beans I found some square tomato cages that seem like they're just the thing. I've planted two beans on each side, for a total of eight bean plants per cage. I hope it fills up and gives me lots and lots of beans! We all LOVE to eat them raw here.

The weather has been weird; gray skies, kind of humid weather, yet the ground is bone dry. I can water twice a day out back and still end up with parched earth in all my pots. Yesterday I went out and dug around, poking holes, raking/turning where possible, and then soaking all the plants. Then I cut back a few that were pretty straggly so that the overall effect looks more maintained instead of "what happened?"

Working all weekend at the swap meets and festivals takes a toll on the amount of time I can spend out back. One drawback of standing on my feet all weekend is that my back needs at least all day Monday to recover. Squatting and kneeling are OUT!


  1. Hey Pam,
    Peas, beans, onions? I'm having a hard time even getting my parsley to grow without little critters making it look sick. I'm a newbie in gardening, do you know of a good website with helpful tips for beginners? By the way, my husband help me put together tipsy pots for Mother's Day. I love it! Thanks for the idea. I know you said you are at fountain park. I'm just down a couple of streets at harbor valley town homes.

  2. I've never grown peas...must try it.

    What's happening today in your garden?

  3. I am finally responding to comments :o/ Sorry for the delay -- my next post gives a little idea of what life is like here.

    Welcome, livingslaves! A great website for gardeners is I get so much help there. There are separate forums for each thing you grow. Since you're close to me, you're always welcome to come over and see what's going on.

    If you've got critters, get yourself some eggshells. Snails (and other bugs) HATE crawling over them. Today I had four eggshells left over from baking banana bread. I threw them in the blender which held the last of our morning all-fruit smoothie and whirred away. Then I poured it out on my compost pile (but you could pour it around your plants).

    Worms like (and need) grit; snails hate it, so it's a very do-able way to eliminate pests in your garden naturally.