Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Business Opportunity!

Just as pioneers did in days long past, I take odd jobs here and there to help ends meet. I've just started something new: I bought into a jewelry company that makes beautiful hand-crafted beaded hair clips.

Now, you can see by my profile picture that I'm not the most likely candidate for a hair clip. However, the little mini clips look great on me -- they provide a little "bling" that's perfect for dress-up hair.

When my hair was long I put it up all the time. Invariably I had a headache within about two hours. Those "claw" clips dug at my head and regular barrettes and ponytail holders fell out of my fine hair (and there's a lot of that fine hair). These clips don't move! Professional ice skaters use them, and that's recommendation enough for me.

I'm going to try selling these clips (and the associated jewelry and accessories) at swap meets and craft fairs. More moolah from Mama means we can keep homeschooling!

Check out the link to my website and surf the site. I hope you'll find things you like -- and buy them!

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