Friday, May 8, 2009

Handy Dandy Kitchen Tip

Every now and then I hear about a tip that makes me slap my head and shout "D'oh" like Homer Simpson. I had such a moment at a friend's house and I thought I'd share it with you.

Some background... I like powdered soap for my dishwasher, but dislike pouring it from the box (even though it has a handy spout). Nine times out of ten I pour too much, or the box is heavy for my hand, or I don't want to stoop, or...(you can fill in the blank). I don't like those boxes.

While staying for a weekend at a friend's house I decided to run a load of dishes for her and looked around under the sink for the dishwasher soap. She had it in a large coffee can with a little scoop for dispensing just the right amount.

"D'oh!" What a great idea! I didn't have a coffee can, but I did have a giant can from an industrial-sized can of tomato puree. It was easy as pie to peel off the label, wash and dry it well, then pour in about 2/3 of a box of Kirkland dishwasher soap. I popped a tablespoon off an old measuring spoons set and left it on top of the soap.

For an effective wash I use two scoops. It doesn't quite fill the soap dish, which is okay -- I don't think a full soap dispenser is actually necessary. My dishes get clean, which is a priority, and I'm not irritated about soap loss from spillage. If you don't like to stoop, put the can on the counter instead of under the sink (wrap it in a cute Con-Tac paper to match your kitchen). You'll still have to bend over to hit the soap container, but at least you will have eliminated one bend!

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