Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally... a dull moment!

My new business venture has kept me out of circulation as I sell, sell, sell. So far, so good! Spent Saturday at the swap meet hawking my wares and Sunday working my regular job (which I'll soon quit so I can spend more time at the swap meet).

So... I was very happy to be home this morning, puttering in my garden. I pulled up all the old peas and found a colony of snails happily chewing away at whatever they could get ahold of. They now live... elsewhere.

Once the peas were gone, I could see the onions more clearly :o) Pulled a few and chopped them up for our enchiladas tonight and took a few more over to a friend who has just downsized from a large tract home to a very small apartment. We chatted about ways to incorporate some vegetables or fruits into her patio, but concluded that it's just too shady. She may be growing tropical plants instead.

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